About Jasmine Moon Healing Bracelets

kelly and linda

I was introduced to “crystals” from a longtime friend who educated me on their use and benefits. As I became more and more interested in the healing ability and benefits of “crystals”, my continued research has allowed me to understand how daily use can benefit overall wellness.  I am not only fascinated by their extraordinary beauty, but very impressed with the benefits and healing powers they embody. Today my company, Jasmine Moon, offers handmade beautiful high-vibrational crystal healing bracelets. These bracelets are made with AAA+ quality crystals that carry a high healing frequency, made with a strong elastic cord (not string) and all are blessed on our altar with positive healing intentions for the wearer. The crystal bracelets are just one of the tools that Jasmine Moon offers to help you bring emotional and physical balance and healing to your everyday life. 

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