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How Jasmine Moon Came to Be

Hello! My name is Kelly Cross and I am the owner of Jasmine Moon Wellness. My career path has been immersed in the beauty and health and wellness industry for many years. I strive to live a holistic life and I am an avid user of DoTERRA essential oils and also teach others on the benefits of essential oils. I also hold a Master Reiki certification allowing me to help others using energy healing techniques.

Several years ago, my best friend turned me on to crystals and their amazing emotional and physical healing properties. We began purchasing crystal bracelets online and in metaphysical stores. It didn’t take us long with a little research to find out that some of the bracelets we purchased were not real crystals, several bracelets broke easily, stretched out, and sizing was always an issue. So we decided to make our own bracelets. We had so much fun using our creativity and soon our friends and families were asking for bracelets. Long story short, In 2020, I decided to take an early retirement following a twenty three year career as a New York State Cosmetology Instructor to follow my passion of healing and helping others. We had so much interest in our bracelets we decided to go for it! 

In February of 2021, Jasmine Moon Wellness was created. We are proud to offer beautiful high vibrational crystal healing bracelets. We use AAA quality crystals that are globally sourced, we use strong elastic cord, not string, and our bracelets are sized from 6.5” up to 9” so you will have the perfect fit. Our bracelet style is uniquely different than most. We add a pop of silver decor or a charm while keeping the crystal the main focus. Our bracelets are infused with a beautiful blessing for the wearer and cleansed upon packaging. Enclosed with your order is a card explaining the benefits of the crystal. 

We strive to bring new crystals, new collections and unique designs throughout the year. We are super excited about our new website option for you to create your own bracelet. You choose the design, the crystal, and a charm if desired. 

Throughout the year we attend vendor events, psychic and holistic fairs, and craft fairs. We really enjoy meeting new customers, seeing repeat customers and being in the good energy that the shows and the vendors bring. The show dates are posted here on the website.  

I truly enjoy what I do and hope that you enjoy the high vibrational Jasmine Moon Wellness bracelets that we create!

Kelly Cross

Founder | Jasmine Moon Wellness

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