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Kelly Cross - Healer, Teacher, Business Owner.

kelly cross

I enjoy educating and empowering others to help them improve their emotional and physical well-being by offering top quality wellness tools, energy healing services, and ongoing wellness education to support customers on their health, wellness and spiritual journey. My health and wellness journey began in the field of Cosmetology and has evolved over the years resulting in ownership of Jasmine Moon Wellness today.

My Path ‍

My career path has been immersed in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetologist and certified New York State Cosmetology instructor for twenty-three years. Throughout my career I have found great satisfaction in not only the beautification of my customers, but also in their health and wellness. I have spent the last 15 years expanding my knowledge into the fields of healing. As a certified Master Reiki practitioner, I enjoy assisting in the healing of others. My background knowledge in Essential Oils has given me the opportunity to share this amazing holistic methodology with my customers who have enjoyed the benefits of the natural healing properties. With my most recent training as a Health and Nutrition Life Coach, I aspire to help guide people into their best life possible. I have diverse education and training from companies such as Nikken (magnetic healing products), Plexus (gut health products) and doTERRA (essential oils and supplementation). 

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Jasmine Moon Wellness Center

Today I own and run Jasmine Moon Wellness Center, located in Norwich, at MeTime by Teresa, a beautiful salon where I offer leading edge alternative and natural healing modalities. There is a healing room where I use the practice of Reiki, doTERRA essential oil applications and/or Emotion Code in a healing session. There is also Foot Detox treatment to pull out the bad toxins in your body and a therapeutic Bio Mat/Bio Acoustical Mat available for mind and body restorative sessions. Educating clients on the many ways to have a healthier and balanced life is my passion. My dedication to the beauty, health and wellness industries have inspired me to share my wealth of knowledge with my clients. I hold classes to share information with others in the areas of healing, essential oils, crystal therapy, etc. Call me for more information or to schedule a healing session at 607-316-6594.

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On August 10th 2022, the Evening Sun wrote an amazing article on our business. Check out our article below!

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Jasmine Moon Crystal Healing Bracelets

High vibrational A+++ quality genuine stones
Made by hand with love and positive vibes
Stretch bracelet made with quality elastic cord
Made in Upstate New York
Blessed with a beautiful intention for wearer
Saged on our sacred altar before packaging
Packaged with Description & Intention Activation Card

About Our Bracelets

I was introduced to “crystals” from a longtime friend who educated me on their use and benefits. As I became more and more interested in the healing ability and benefits of “crystals”, my continued research has allowed me to understand how daily use can benefit overall wellness.  I am not only fascinated by their extraordinary beauty, but very impressed with the benefits and healing powers they embody. Today my company, Jasmine Moon, offers handmade beautiful high-vibrational crystal healing bracelets. These bracelets are made with AAA+ quality crystals that carry a high healing frequency, made with a strong elastic cord (not string) and all are blessed on our altar with positive healing intentions for the wearer. The crystal bracelets are just one of the tools that Jasmine Moon offers to help you bring emotional and physical balance and healing to your everyday life. 

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wrist bracelets

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